Corner Flip functionality like FlipBook and others

I searched through trying to find the answer. This is such a basic question so I feel like a boob asking it. I have the service and I think the player is the best out there, but I would like it to flip like a real book. So that leads to the question:

Is corner flipping like a real book supported in some obvious way that I am missing? If not, will it be supported in the future?


This is not a deal killer as I will deploy and go into Production using Yumpu, it would however, be a nice functionality.

Yumpu User Asked on March 13, 2017 in Technical issues.
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Hello Mokana,

thank you for your request and feedback.

We do not offer corner flipping like a real book.


Best regards


Yumpu Support Answered on March 14, 2017.
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