WEBKiosk “Tasks” Settings

Which settings can be changed for the WEBKiosk under “Tasks”?

Yumpu Support Asked on September 1, 2017 in WEBKiosk.
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        • Edit Design:

          Here you can chang ethe Design of your WEBKiosk.
          ATTENTION:  Please be cautious when changing these settings.

        • Settings:

          General settings for the WEBKiosk (Language, Kiosk URL, Titel, etc.)

        • SEO Settings:

          Settings for the SEO optimization of the WEBKiosk so it ranks higher in search engines
        • Ads:

          Settings for the ads banner in the WEBKiosk (here you can enter the code for your own ad tags)

        • Smart Banner:

          A banner to inform users on mobile devices about your app

        • Favicon:
          Settings for the favicon
        • Analytics:

          Here you can connect your WEBKiosk with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica

        • Plugins:

          This is an interface where you can integrate other extensions into your WEBKiosk

        • Share:

          With this your WEBKiosk can be shared on social media channels

        • Delete:

          Here you can delete your WEBKiosk (can’t be restored)


Yumpu Support Answered on September 1, 2017.
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